Nutritional components of ice cream


Ice cream made with milk or egg cream contains proteins of high biological value, rich in essential amino acids with high bioavailability, needed to build and repair tissues, which is important at any age.


Carbohydrates contained in ice cream are lactose derived from milk, fruit fructose and sucrose or ordinary sugar. They are first use sugars, essential for the metabolism of red blood cells and of nervous tissue, and nutrients useful for every movement, and especially in the recovery phase in any sport activity.


The presence of fat gives ice cream softness and palatability and contributes to better perceive the taste of other ingredients. Fats derived from milk generate a considerable part of short-chain fatty acids that are used in our organism as fast fuel. Ice cream may also have vegetable fats, but however, they are never hydrogenated fats which Mancuso Ice Cream voluntarily decided to eliminate, removing in this way also the undesirables trans fats.

Minerals and vitamins

Ice cream contains, according to the taste of ice cream that you choose, vitamins A and B2, calcium and phosphorus from milk and cream, potassium, vitamin C from watery fruit, vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids from oily fruit, antioxidant elements from cocoa and coffee.


Ice cream may contain fibres when it is prepared using ingredients that are rich in fibres, such as watery and oily fruit or cereal derivatives as biscuits and waffles.


Water is an important component of ice cream, this food is actually a fluid frozen to obtain a solid state. The amount of water contained in ice cream varies from 35% up to 70%. Fruit flavour ice cream contains more water than cream flavour ice cream, whereas sorbets, ice lollies and granita are the richest.

For overweight or obese children

The increasing spread of childhood obesity is the result of a sedentary lifestyle and of a too rich diet, but it does not prevent the consumption of ice cream as a snack. You will perhaps choose a smaller portion so that you can limit calories.

For those who are lactose intolerant

Some people cannot tolerate lactose, milk sugar, and therefore do not tolerate even all milk based food as many types of ice cream. In these cases, your doctor will give you the right advice. To meet these needs Mancuso Ice Cream has studied and developed Gelsoj, a line dedicated to people who are lactose intolerant.


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