History and tradition

Ice cream is one of the desserts that has its roots back in times.

In particular the ancient Arabs in Sicily used to mix the snow on the Etna with fruit juices and thus obtaining a semi-solid frozen drink. In the same way also Emperor Nero used to make his slaves carry the snow to Rome, to sweeten it later with honey and fruit.

The invention of the ice cream as we know it today, however, has to be dated back to the 16th century in Italy. One of the characters that definitely boosted this sweet specialty was the Sicilian Francesco Procopio De Coltelli, who in 1686, while perfecting a recipe for the preparation of the sorbet (introduced in Sicily by the Muslims) and after having widespread the consumption of ice cream in its native country, opened the famous Cafè de Procope in Paris.

In Italy the tradition of artisan ice cream was handed down from father to son, contributing to grow this art especially in 1960s, when many ice cream makers, mostly emigrants from Sicily, exported ice cream in Europe and overseas.


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